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The main aim of the college is to impart teacher education and to build up a powerful nation through their services. The College is providing excellent opportunities to the students in pursuit of knowledge. The infrastructure viz., library and laboratory are well equipped, excellent method of teaching and has a cordial relationship between the students and staff. Ample opportunities are being provided to the students to take part in curricular and co-curricular activities.

We are determined to raise the intellectual capital of the society by educating the students of today with perfect partnership between the parents, students and the students.

Chaitanya Educational Society

Our Activities

Activities are a wonderful way to show students that learning can be fun. These activities for students include hands-on projects and games that are both interesting and educational.

With fun activities for students in prestudents through students, and subjects that range from math-themed playground games to upcycled sewing projects, there is something to suit the preferences of any child.

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  • Location of the students in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Built up area of 2,50,000 Sq.ft.
  • Highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers.
  • Senior secondary students affiliated to CBSE (Classes I to XII).
  • Authorized centre for Cambridge International Examinations.

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Top Facilities in Our College

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